Home-Based Programs

home based programs

ABA Psychologist & Associates offers intensive 1:1 home-based ABA programs. Home-based programs are the primary focus of our practice. Home programs involve a combination of highly individualized services for your child which include behavior intervention programs, parent training, and thorough assessments to promote rapid skill acquisition for your child.

We focus on every aspect of your child’s needs in developing and improving language and communication skills, play skills, behavior reduction, academic achievement, social, community, and daily living skills. All home-based programs are designed by Dr. Kahya and are conducted by our ABA instructors under her direct supervision.
ABA Psychologist & Associates will work with you to develop goals and objectives following an initial assessment. Regularly scheduled sessions are conducted during the week by ABA instructors. Bi-weekly parent training sessions and observations are conducted by Dr. Kahya.

As your child learns and develops new skills, we will design more advanced programs to move them forward. Our team will work with you and your child to ensure the goals and objectives being developed promote success and independence by customizing the programs to your child’s needs and interests.