Supervision for BCBA and BCaBa Candidates

bcaba candidates

ABA Psychologist & Associates provides supervision to those who are pursuing BCBA or BCaBa certifications. We provide the opportunity for candidates to complete their Supervised Independent Fieldwork in Behavior Analysis.

BCBA and BCaBa Candidates have opportunities to have multiple experiences (different sites, different populations) as well as a variety of activities directly related to behavior analysis. These activities include but are not limited to, conducting stimulus preference assessments, designing, implementing and systematically monitoring skill-acquisition, behavior-reduction programs, designing behavioral systems, and performance management.

Staff Training
We provide staff training and support for:

  • ABA instructors
  • Special education teachers
  • General education teachers
  • Speech therapists
  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Other professionals

We train staff to fully implement behavior intervention plans designed by BCBAs. Our staff training enables children to reach their goals in a shorter period of time. Staff training is provided in home and school settings to generalize the skills to the natural environment that are acquired during 1:1 instruction with an ABA instructor.